Christmas Challenge 2021: Unlocking Potential

From 30 November to 7 December, every donation to our Unlocking Potential Christmas Challenge campaign will be doubled - one donation, twice the impact.

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Confronting Conflict

what is conflict?

Conflict is a part of everyday life. When conflict is navigated well, it helps us to form healthy relationships and to make a positive impact on the individuals and communities around us. Conflict presents us with an opportunity to learn, to change and to grow.  

Our impact

4 in 5

young people from across our delivery said they had increased self-awareness and a better understanding of conflict


adults and young people engaged in our conflict management training last year


of adult professionals said that they have an increased understanding of the experiences of the young people they work with

The Latest

Challenging Yourself: A Case Study

Published on:

We caught up with Kwame, who recently completed our Leadership & Enterprise programme and residential. Find out what Kwame learnt about himself and how he's applied this in his daily life

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