Reflecting on the big questions

Ben Kernighan, Chief Executive
Thursday 28th May 2020

At Leap, we design our programmes in collaboration with the people that are intended to benefit from them - whether that is young people or the adults that support them.

As an organisation, before programmes are promoted externally, we pilot new curriculum with trainers and staff. Being part of that is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.  Leap's senior management team was treated to a 90-minute taster of our new digital curriculum. It was a brilliant session, and after an intensive few months spending a lot of time thinking about the needs of Leap's community, it was great to have the time and space to consider what impact Covid-19 has had on me and my life. I was astonished at how effectively the magic of Leap training translated to a Zoom environment. It made me reflect on how the potential traumas of the pandemic have affected my thoughts, feelings and actions.  

This training also got me reflecting on some big questions: 

  • How will the potentially traumatic experience of Covid-19 affect different generations and communities differently
  • How can the appetite for digital programmes continue beyond Covid-19?
  • How can we accelerate this new spirit of innovation?
  • How can we build the new partnerships created by working digitally?

I will be reflecting on these questions in future newsletters. The next few years are undoubtedly going to be tough for many young people. I reflected on some of the challenges ahead in this video with the marvellous Kirsty Lang. 

I hope you also enjoy reading about the innovative digital programmes we have delivered with young people in care and their carers, as well as a great partnership with Premier League youth workers. The creativity of young people and the adults who support them, harnessed by Leap’s great team of staff and trainers, is going to be needed more than ever in the challenging months and years ahead. 


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