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We are committed to seeing the young people we work with and their peers fulfilling their talent and potential. Join us in our efforts

Whether you are a community fundraiser, entrepreneur or work for a company, you can make a difference in shaping young people’s futures. Our 2020-2024 strategy set out ambitious plans for changing how young people, communities and societies manage conflict.  

Working in partnership with other charities, companies, statutory organisations and pioneering philanthropists is fundamental to how we work. In recent years we have all witnessed a sharp rise in violent crime, an increase in the number of young people going into care, and the numbers of young people being permanently excluded from school continue to rise. We can all play an important part in supporting young people to manage conflict in their lives. In 2020, society has faced more complex challenges, deeper divisions and conflict. This is especially true for the world young people are facing, with multiple and growing pressures and demands.

We know that building effective collaboration and partnerships will continue to be a core feature of how Leap delivers impact. Young people are at the centre of our mission and focus, and to help them make real changes to their lives, we need to collaborate with partners in new and innovative ways. We need to combine skills, expertise and resources so that together, we can deliver better solutions for our complex world. You can make a difference!

Patrick Dunne Patron

Patrick Dunne

Patron and Friend of Leap's for over 19 years

Leap's work and its whole ethos is incredibly important to me.

Fundraising Milestones

£35,361 raised by Barings

We were one of two charity partners in 2020. Despite the pandemic, staff at Barings raised an incredible amount for the work we do with young people

5 places available

For the London Landmarks Half Marathon on 3 April 2022. Contact to book your space by 30 January

3 years funding

From spring 2021, the Listening Fund confirmed three-year funding for us to expand our co-production work with Leap graduates

Help us to achieve our fundraising priorities for 2021

Our fundraising priorities for 2021 are to expand young people in care programme, to integrate employability support across all programmes and to expand our single-gender work aimed at supporting young women at risk of violence or exploitation. Connect with our Director of Income & Eternal Affairs to learn how your organisation can support our work.