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Patrick Dunne: A donor's story

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Patrick Dunne: A Donor's Story

Patron and Friend of Leap's for over 19 years

I have been involved with Leap since 2002. From the first I learnt about the organisation's purpose, up until now it has played a huge part in my life.

Leap's work and its whole ethos is incredibly important to me. I grew up in Liverpool at a time when the city was experiencing mass unemployment and a lot of conflict and violent crime. I was all too often on the painful receiving end of many people who didn't know how to manage conflict effectively.


Patrick Dunne Leap Patron
Image Credit: Nicky J Sims

Over the 19 years with Leap, I have enthusiastically given of my time, expertise and money and have been donor since 2002. It is important to me that Leap's work reaches more young people and communities. I have been a Trustee, served as Chair for nine years and was delighted to be appointed as the organisation's first Patron back in 2015. As Patron, it is such joy to give back to an organisation that has given so much to me. The role gives me the opportunity to support the Board and staff in a variety of different ways; from fundraising to extending Leap's network and influence.

Leap's approach and style of work is powerful. It has the ability to have a profound impact on young people and the individuals and institutions around the young people. It is truly captivating and inspiring.

Patrick E Dunne (Author of Boards)

Chair EY Foundation
Chair ESSA - Education Sub Saharan Africa
Founder Warwick in Africa


Patrick is one of many incredible donors supporting young people's futures and Leap as an organisation. To Learn how you and/or your organisation can Make a Difference to the lives of young people, Ana our Major Donors and Corporates Manager would love to hear from you.