Our Impact

Our systematic evaluation of our programmes, over both the short and long term, means we can make data-driven operational decisions quickly and ensure focused strategic impact.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our work, ensuring that our programme design is responsive and constantly evolving. We gather data from all participants and delivery partners which is used to evaluate programme strengths, identify areas of improvement and respond to new and emerging issues.

We consistently monitor the impact of our programmes. We promote learning and facilitate sector-wide conversations about how best to support young people and adults to navigate conflict. We updated our Theory of Change in 2021 to reflect the changing of needs of young people following the COVID pandemic.

Young peoples’ insights are central, not only to decision-making, but to sector change. We are committed to building a sector where high quality youth practice is the norm.

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adults and young people engaged in our conflict management training last year


youth practitioners completed our popular Rise Up programme, a collaboration with London Youth and other partners


young people completed our Take the Leap transition programme as they moved into secondary school


of young people across all our programmes reported feeling more confident in making better decisions during conflicts


is the number of programme partners we collaborated with and/or delivered to last year


London Boroughs where we have delivered training to young people and adults