The coronavirus pandemic is causing a huge amount of uncertainty for young people, adults and organisations alike. These are extraordinary and challenging times. Leap is working hard to adapt to the changing environment, but we need your support.

Home is a great place for many of us, but it is not always a happy or safe place for some young people.

On Thursday 30th January, Leap Confronting Conflict welcomed 80 guests to Barings UK for the launch of its 2020-2024 strategy. Guests at the event included philanthropists, trust funders, corporate supporters, young ambassadors who have been through Leap's courses, community partners who have helped to shape Leap’s programmes, and representatives from government departments.  

We have created our new Workplace Training for businesses; we recognise that our innovative and interactive training is just as relevant for adult professionals in work as it is for young people. 

On Tuesday 29 October 2019, Ashish spoke at Leap’s annual Pledge Dinner on how individuals and organisations can use their privilege to invest in the lives of young people. During the evening, he shared the internal conflict he experienced as a young man and how his actions resulted in him serving a short sentence in HMP Feltham at 17 years old. The support of his Aunt while he was in prison, as well as work experience offered by a political editor upon his release, acted as the motivation he needed to change his life around.   

Amyn Ali is a Leap trainer. On Tuesday 29 October he delivered a keynote speech at Leap’s Pledge Dinner. Below is an extract from his speech:


My journey has been one of ups and downs. Leap has been a huge part of that journey, and I am really happy to be able to share it with you tonight.

What costs businesses £33 billion per year and is right under your nose?  Workplace conflict.


What is it costing you and your business? It’s an inevitable aspect of being at work but finding the right solutions helps reduce stress, creates stronger teams, and helps employees thrive at work.

Barings, one of the world's leading financial service firms, has chosen to partner with Leap from 2019 – 2020 and will aim to raise funds over this time to support Leap’s work with young people who face high levels of conflict in their lives. As well as supporting Leap’s training and development programmes. Barings will also offer work experience, mentoring opportunities and career advice for Leap graduates.