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Co-Production in Practice: Evie's Story

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Co-production is crucial in the work that we do to support young people, ensuring that their voices, expertise and experiences are brought into programme design and delivery. It is about working in equal and reciprocal partnership, putting lived experience at the heart of our work to ensure that the services we provide are informed by those who truly understand the challenges.

Evie brings a huge amount of energy, enthusiasm and empathy to all that she does. Her expertise is grounded in her own experiences growing up in the care system. Now, she is a young woman who is passionate about making sure that young people’s voices are heard.


Evie is a member of Leap's Co-Production Group and a host of the Let's Talk Conflict podcast (coming soon)

Her involvement with Leap began in Summer 2020, when she joined a co-production group made up of care leavers from across the UK. The group are working creatively to plan and design a resource that can be shared widely to support young people in care. In developing the podcast, the group have worked together to build a safe space in which all members can discuss topics from mental health to relationships. They are building a platform through which to share their reflections on the flaws of the current system, informed by the challenges they faced growing up in care.

These sessions give me hope for the future. It has been such a positive
experience for me. I’ve gained new friendships, new experiences, and
I’ve learnt to go outside my comfort zone.

In December, Evie and another member of the group delivered a
presentation to external stakeholders including funders, policymakers and
practitioners. They delivered a powerful message, sharing their experiences
and outlining the change that they want to see in the care system.

Because of my own experiences in care, which were not always
positive, I recognise that the help is not always there. It is easy to fall
through the gaps. I want to make sure that every young person has
their voice heard and gets the support that they need.

The group are busy working on recording and producing the podcast. A full season of Let's Talk Conflict will be released in Summer 2021. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more from Evie and the team!