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Expanding our work in schools

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Building on the foundations of our 1:1 curriculum established in 2020, working in schools is an exciting area of expansion for us. We have built collaborative partnerships with a range of different schools across London over the past year.

Since 2020, we have doubled the number of schools we are working in.  

Through our training, we provide young people with the tools to foster healthy relationships, make positive decisions and inspire self-growth. Throughout the first half of 2021, our Project Workers were embedded in schools, offering bespoke 1:1 support to young people over an 8-week period. This support is tailored for the young person’s needs, but typically consists of developing self-leadership skills, recognising conflict triggers, exploring communication, building emotional intelligence and resilience whilst increasing their self-confidence.   

Our Senior Programme Officer, Sherée, has been supporting young women at Harris Academy in East Dulwich for over a year. This long-term support has proved to be highly successful, with 76% of young people who completed a Leap course in a school reporting that they were more confident to deal with conflict situations in their lives. 

I enjoyed how Sherée was open and authentic in helping me to understand what we would be working on daily. Sherée made it easier to open up as she gave examples that were relatable. Sherée was also bubbly and made me really comfortable in engaging with the course to fully be able to overcome my negative self-talk. 

Schools have expressed the need for more of this kind of support, particularly for pupils with additional learning needs. They have also requested group training for young people who would benefit from Leap’s creative conflict navigation and self-development training. 

To meet the increased demand from schools, our Programme Officers shared their learning and upskilled Leap Trainers to deliver this curriculum in schools. We now have both Project Workers and Trainers equipped to deliver 1:1 and group training in schools, with an emphasis on being adaptable and tailoring support to the needs of the individual or group. It is not a one-size-fits-all curriculum – instead, we use different exercises depending on what each young person brings to the session. 

In Enfield Grammar School, we have had three groups of young people receiving training over an 8-week period. A fourth group of young people who have been suspended or excluded from school have joined our Trainers for a dedicated reflection space alongside their return to classes.  

Sherée reflects on the importance of supporting young people in schools during this time. She explains how, over the last 18 months, it has become clear that the young people we work with are not given the space for self-expression and healthy outlets for exploring their wellbeing within the settings they are in.

School corridor and quote from Sheree, project officer

Leap’s Programme Officers and Trainers have delivered a combination of 1:1 courses and bespoke leadership programmes in Enfield Grammar School, Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich, Hornsey School for Girls, Maria Fidelis Catholic School and New Regent's College. We have also delivered a number of taster sessions for schools potentially interested in our training for their young people.  

In total, we have delivered training to 62 young people in schools since March 2021. We plan to take this successful model and roll it out across more schools across London later this year.  

We are also working behind the scenes to develop a brand new summer school programme for secondary schools in and around London – watch this space!  

If you are interested in Leap’s training in schools, please contact for more information about how we can partner with you.