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We have an outstanding pool of trainers with extensive experience in youth work, criminal justice interventions, identity and community activism. Leap is also fortunate to have several programme graduates train and qualify as young trainers; delivering training to adult practitioners and community groups across London.

Meet our Senior Management Team and Leap Staff.

Senior Trainer for Leap

Tony Weekes

Specialism is with young people, identity and group offending curriculum

Senior Trainer for Leap

Katharine Yates

Specialism is in physical theatre, gender-based violence and identity curriculum

Senior Trainer for Leap

Nik Pitcher

Specialism is in drama therapy gender-based and group violence

Senior Trainer for Leap

Rene Manradge

Specialism is in conflict resolution and art design

Senior Trainer for Leap

Clifton McDonald

Specialism is in masculinity, identity and leadership curriculum

Senior Trainer for Leap

Ali Gibbs

Specialism is in intervention programmes within adult and young women prisons

Senior Trainer for Leap

Amanda Nelmes

Specialism is in the care and prison sector

Senior Trainer for Leap

Jassy Denison

Specialism is in Psychological studies and leadership development

Temporary Amyn shot

Amyn Ali


Young Leap Trainer

Dionne Emmerson

Young Trainer

Young Trainer

Natasha Aldonza


Leap Trainer

Grit Kalkowski

Specialism in criminal justice interventions, serious violence and gender-based violence

Leap Trainer

Jim Pope

Specialism in the creative arts and mental health

Leap Trainer

Samson Osinnowo

Specialism in care sector and serious violence

Rachel Leap Trainer

Rachel Batten

Specialism in safeguarding and mental health

Leap Trainer

Neil Fosberry

Specialism is in youth work and community activism

Leap Trainer

Lucy Shaljian

Specialism is in theatre, sexual health and gender-based violence

Leap Trainer

Kirat Kaylan

Specialism in criminal justice policy and mental health

Leap Trainer

Kweku Aacht

Specialism in peace and reconciliation programmes in the UK and South Africa

Leap Trainer

Petra Hilgers

Specialism in conflict coaching in countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda and the UK.


Janice Gittens

Specialism in trauma-informed practice, mental health and identity curriculum


Ezimma Chigbo