Tyresse’s story – Self-Leadership Programme 2023 experience

I’m Tyresse, a musician and visual artist and I’ve been involved in the world of music and creative arts for over a decade. I teach other young artists how to make music and also give out and sell music production materials. Let me take you through how my perspective on conflict took a 180-degree turn, thanks to Leap’s Self-Leadership programme.

Before joining the programme, I saw conflict as simply the way people interacted, both in agreements and disagreements. But little did I know that Leap had a whole new lens to offer when it comes to dealing with conflicts and resolving them harmoniously.

My journey with the Self-Leadership programme started with a bit of serendipity. I came across it through the creative sessions organised by Leap’s Improving Prospects team over the summer at Platform. This youth centre provided an open platform for folks like me to showcase their talents. During these sessions, I learned about the Self-Leadership programme, and I was willing to attend.

The programme itself spanned three days, ending in an entire day of paintballing. Within this short time, my entire approach to managing conflict underwent a significant change. The environment created during these sessions was so welcoming and open that I felt absolutely comfortable expressing myself. There was no judgment and no condemnation for my thoughts or answers.

Through these eye-opening sessions, I gained practical insights on how to better handle conflict, not just with others but also within myself. The most remarkable change was in my perspective. I learned to approach conflict with understanding rather than impulsive reactions. This shift empowered me to apply critical thinking skills to discern the real issues and find solutions without immediately reacting. Now, I take a moment to analyse the situation and consider it from various angles before responding, rather than letting emotions guide my actions.

Reflecting on this journey, I can say that I would wholeheartedly recommend the Self-Leadership programme to other young individuals out there. It is not just about conflict resolution; it is about nurturing a mindset of growth and self-awareness that spills over into every facet of life. Leap’s approach opened doors to personal development and confident which others will benefit from too.

If you are seeking to navigate conflict and take the reins of your own leadership journey, I encourage you to dive into programmes like these. Embrace the chance to evolve, learn, and apply new strategies in both your personal and professional life. Trust me, it is worth every moment.