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Influencing the Care Review

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There is currently an independent review of children's social care happening in England. Let’s Talk Conflict is a podcast made up of young people passionate about creating change in the care system. I’m a member of the podcast group, and over the past year, we have been discussing what’s wrong with the system and our ideas for improving the lives of young people growing up in care and care leavers. 

Zoom meeting with Josh MacAlister

Why is the Care Review important to the group and me?

The care review is extremely important to me and the rest of the group, as the current care system we have to support young people is not working and is failing them. Many young people are falling through the gaps and are leaving the care system with more trauma and scars than when they entered and a care review is desperately overdue as many of the things currently in place are outdated. The system uses a one size fits all approach which we know doesn’t work with any group, let alone children and young people.

How have we been involved in the Care Review?

We recently met with Josh MacAlister, the chair of the Care Review, to share our experiences of the care system and what needs to change to ensure that young people’s safety and happiness comes first. Josh listened to what we had to say. We had a positive discussion about some of the solutions needed to improve stability, increase access to opportunities and reduce stigma around young people in care.

What do we want to see included in the Care Review?

  • Looked after young people need to be at the heart of professionals’ work
  • Prioritise love and happiness for young people in care
  • Prepare young people in care for adulthood
  • Invest in young people’s futures
  • Young people in the care system need to be supported and equipped with the right tools to be able to thrive in society
  • Help and support young people to deal with past trauma and work with them in a trauma-informed way

It's important that what we shared with Josh gets fed back to government, so that those with lived experience inform the review’s recommendations. We want to make sure that it's not just words. Our words need to be translated into practice to achieve real change in the lives of young people like us.

I am proud of all the Podcast group for the things we have achieved so far. We are grateful to Josh for coming to meet with us and hope we can continue to build on this relationship and feed into the care review. This is just the beginning, and we are looking to see how we can continue to shape the care system in the future beyond the care review.

If you want to learn more about our podcast, which will be launching later this summer, please get in touch –