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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 12 OCTOBER 2023 – In the wake of harrowing humanitarian crises across the world, and an alarming rise in tragic acts of violence among young people closer to home, Leap Confronting Conflict, a leading UK charity for almost 40 years, is sparking national interest with the launch of Confronting Conflict Week.

Confronting Conflict Week kicks off today with a schedule of activities in place until Sunday, 22 October. The initiative seeks to amplify Leap’s mission by addressing the underlying causes of this troubling trend in youth violence.

Tracey Fletcher, interim CEO at Leap said: “In a world that is becoming increasingly challenging for all of us to navigate, we are witnessing unprecedented rises in the number of young people entering the care system and exclusions from school. But most harrowing is the surge of violence and crime involving young people; in parts of England, it is reported that the record of young people found in possession of a blade or knife has reached an all-time high.

“We are committed to delivering programmes as early intervention to empower both young people and the adults in their lives to develop the awareness and tools to better navigate both inevitable and avoidable conflict to deflect life-altering outcomes.”

Confronting Conflict Week – unity to tackle the crisis

Confronting Conflict Week presents an opportunity for Leap to highlight the comprehensive support and training programmes tailored for young people, parents, teachers, and professionals engaged with individuals under 25 across the UK. Leap’s goal is to empower them with valuable conflict resolution skills.

With a dynamic line-up of live sessions, and downloadable resources, addressing issues related to conflict resolution and violence prevention among young people, participants will have the chance to gain invaluable insights and skills.

Senior Programme Manager at Leap, Ahmed Moallim shared his excitement for the campaign, saying: “I first came to know Leap as a young person on one of our flagship training programmes, and I now have the privilege of working with thousands of young people a year to positively influence their pathways and choices.

“The workshops and resources we will be sharing in Confronting Conflict Week will aim not only to support the decision-making process during moments of conflict, but also empower young people to create a lasting positive influence within their communities.’’

Our call to action

Leap Confronting Conflict invites young people, parents, carers, teachers, youth workers, or anyone committed to better understand conflict to join the conversation during Confronting Conflict Week. It is a chance for all of us to play a role in preventing violence and crime among young people and fostering a more peaceful and thriving society.

For more information about Confronting Conflict Week, to get involved, or donate to sponsor a young person to join a Leap programme, please visit

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Leap Confronting Conflict is a leading youth charity dedicated to empowering young people and adult professionals with the skills and knowledge to navigate conflict effectively. With a track record of over 36 years, Leap has made a significant impact by delivering transformational programmes that change young people’s life trajectories and equip them with the skills they need to navigate inevitable conflict.

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