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Let's Talk Conflict Podcast Launch

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We are delighted to share with you our new podcast - Let’s Talk Conflict - which we've been busy producing over the past year! In the podcast, seven young care experts speak candidly over six episodes about their experiences of the UK care system, the importance of building supportive and stable relationships for care experienced young people, how they navigated conflict and what needs to change in the system. 

For the next six weeks, the episodes will be released on our Acast Channel as well as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, where you will be able to connect with seven incredible young people but equally seven unique experiences of the care system. Here is a sneak preview of the themes explored each week: 

  • Episode 1: Personal experiences, conflict and challenges of the care system 
  • Episode 2: Understanding yourself 
  • Episode 3: Navigating conflict with social workers
  • Episode 4: Influencing the care review
  • Episode 5: Relationships 
  • Episode 6: Our guide to ‘Adulting’ 

We’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections on each episode, so be sure to engage with us on Instagram and Twitter. And, while you wait for the first episode, why not listen to the season trailer

Each episode is thought provoking, honest and full of advice for all listeners, where the group have open conversations about challenges and conflicts they have experienced whilst growing up in care

- Katie, Programme Manager (Under Our Roof)

Thanks to Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Kurt and Magda Stern Foundation, Rayne Foundation and Treebeard Trust for funding this project and joining us on the journey. 

Most importantly, thank you to Aíne, Alice, Ashley, Evie, Jade, Shenika, Tiff and Will. As an organisation, we have learnt so much and continue to learn from you how Leap can play its part in bringing positive change to the care system.    

We would like to dedicate this season to Will, who was with us throughout the planning and recording of the podcast, but very sadly passed away before the launch. Will was so dedicated to the podcast and he has left a lasting legacy, not only through the podcast itself, but with all of us. We are glad that you will now have the opportunity to hear the wisdom, insight and humour that Will brought to the group every week.