Reflect, Connect & Direct: Reflection Pack for Prisoners

Madeleine Weaver - Communications & Policy Officer
Tuesday 23rd June 2020

With the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been unable to continue our work within prisons. We are aware of the extra stress and restrictions that prisoners are facing, so we have created a self-development pack of 15 worksheets for the lockdown period.

This Reflection Pack offers a guided exploration of thoughts and feelings, providing tools to strengthen relationships and to think through next steps. Our hope is that this pack provides a valuable space for reflection, and that the tools and learning from these worksheets will be a useful resource for both the short and long term.

Included in the pack are worksheets covering themes of:

  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Habits
  • Skills
  • Goals

Within these themes, there are a wide range of exercises included in the pack:

  • Feelings Wheel - helping you to identify feelings
  • Emotional States - who is in control of your emotions?
  • Conflict Word Storm - what are the causes and manifestations of conflict?
  • Qualities and Skills - to help us manage conflict, including resilience strategies
  • Thoughts - who is in control of your thoughts?
  • Unwritten Rules - where do they come from and what happen when they are broken?
  • React vs Respond - what is the difference?
  • Reframing Thoughts - how to reframe our thoughts to help achieve our goals

Click to download: Reflect, Connect & Direct Reflection Pack.pdf

If you have any questions about our work in the Secure Estate, please contact

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