A workbook for youth offending institutions to share with young people during lockdown.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been unable to continue our work within prisons. We are aware of the extra stress and restrictions that prisoners are facing, so we have created a self-development pack of 15 worksheets for the lockdown period.

This Reflection Pack offers a guided exploration of thoughts and feelings, providing tools to strengthen relationships and to think through next steps. Our hope is that this pack provides a valuable space for reflection, and that the tools and learning from these worksheets will be a useful resource for both the short and long term.

Included in the pack are worksheets covering themes of:

  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Habits
  • Skills
  • Goals

Within these themes, there are a wide range of exercises included in the pack:

  • Feelings Wheel – helping you to identify feelings
  • Emotional States – who is in control of your emotions?
  • Conflict Word Storm – what are the causes and manifestations of conflict?
  • Qualities and Skills – to help us manage conflict, including resilience strategies
  • Thoughts – who is in control of your thoughts?
  • Unwritten Rules – where do they come from and what happen when they are broken?
  • React vs Respond – what is the difference?
  • Reframing Thoughts – how to re-frame our thoughts to help achieve our goals

We have extensive experience delivering conflict management training to adult prisons across the country and youth offending institutes. Central to our work is improving relationships between prisoners, prison staff and prison culture. To find out how and the training available to you/your institution you work for, please complete a referral form.