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Reject the Race Report

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Leap sign open letter to Boris Johnson

Update from Ben Kernighan, Chief Executive

Senior management along with staff and trainers signed up to the #rejecttheracereport open letter to the Prime Minister

Reject the UK Race Report
Image Credit: Runnymede Trust

Today, I have discussed the Runnymede Letter with senior management this week and we have decided to add Leap's name to this letter. 

Shortly after the race report came out Leap tweeted our criticism of its "findings" that they couldn't find evidence of structural racism in the UK. We believe it is right to repeat that message by supporting this letter to the Prime Minister. It is a long and detailed report and we will be looking at in more detail in the coming weeks and will find opportunities for staff, trainers, graduates and the Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee to express their views.