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Small Axe Conversation with Leroy Logan

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Leap Confronting Conflict, Fully Focused and The Rise Collective have been working more closely in 2021. For several months, we have been discussing different ideas and events to bring together creative expression and meaningful conversation about the issues disproportionately affecting young people today.  

Throughout the two hours of amazing presentations, I had to fight back the tears, because all of them touched my heart. I thought having a film made on a part of my life by Steve McQueen couldn’t be equalled, well these young people proved me wrong. Leroy Logan MBE 

Steve McQueen’s Small Axe five-part series captured the UK and Black history so well and has inspired the current generation into activism, creativity and ways to drive societal change. In, particular the Red White and Blue film tells the story of former MET Police Officer, Leroy Logan MBE and his experiences as a black police officer in the 1980s. Policing, violence in the community, institutional racism are obstacles our three organisations are supporting young people to overcome. 

Last night’s event coincided with the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd’s murder. It seemed fitting to acknowledge the global impact his death has had on the workplace, communities and policymakers alongside Leroy’s story and influence on Black British culture.  

This was such an incredible gathering of people, thoughts, wisdom, love, creativity, power and hope. I felt so honoured to have witnessed it. Thank you so much - Mahla Axon (Co-founder, The Rise Collective) 

These conversation are so moving, powerful thought provoking, food for thought and the soul - Jade Newton-Gardner (Youth Programme Coordinator, Fully Focused) 

Thank you to Leroy and his management team for making last night such a beautiful evening. I’m sure last night is the start of a beautiful collaboration between our three organisations and Leroy’ team. Already, there is huge excitement from the young people in being asked to participant in Capturing Voices  - a stops and search research project with a view to embed trauma-informed principles in policing and being involved in the script writing of future film project. 

Last night event was the perfect example that when given a chance for their voices to be heard and to freely and creatively debate about issues that would normally cause conflict, young people can rise to the challenge. They have ideas and insights that are invaluable to help shape culture and transform communities.   

YouTube Live Q&A with Leroy Logan MBE

Watch a dynamic conversation between young people and the UK’s leading spokesperson on policing and violence in the communities.

Three youth organisations coming together and Inviting young people connected to Fully Focused, The Rise Collective and Leap to participate in creative response to the Small Axe: Red, White and Blue episode.