In January 2020, we launched our 5-year strategy which set out our plans to begin working with young people aged 10-15. One of our priorities within this area of work is supporting young people to have a successful transition from Year 6 into Year 7, as research shows that this period of change can be challenging for some young people.

We have developed a Transitions Handbook for young people who are about to begin secondary school. This is designed to stand alone as a resource that can be completed by the young person with support of a parent/carer over the summer holiday.

The handbook supports the young person to:

  • Know themselves and their strengths
  • Reflect on their journey at primary school
  • Think about friendship
  • Know how they feel and how to manage their feelings
  • Understand more about conflict and how to manage it
  • Know who to ask for help

We are proud of this resource and we invite teachers, parents and staff to share this widely with students, colleagues and friends. Please do let us know who you have shared the resource with so that we can monitor its reach. We also request that, if you use this resource in your own work, you share any thoughts, comments and feedback.

If this is a resource you wish to include in your core curriculum, we ask that you contact in the first instance.

Alongside this handbook, we have also developed digital and face to face group training for younger young people, which reinforces some of the concepts explored in the handbook. If you are interested in this training for your school, please get in touch with