With Workplaces

Conflict affects all spheres of life. Great leaders know that managing conflict well can enhance creativity, idea generation, staff retention, and wellbeing.

We all experience conflict in our lives, whether you’re a young person or a Chief Executive. We are experts in conflict and we have seen the transformative impact of our training for workplaces and teams across the voluntary, public and private sectors. We know that, with the right awareness, skills and language, conflict is not only manageable but can be constructive, innovative and create stronger teams.

As a social enterprise, Leap has supported C-suite and workplace teams for over 20 years to understand and manage conflict as it arises. We respond to the organisation’s need, whether that be managing difficult conversations, improving relationships, or building resilience in times of change.

In conversation with you and our team of experienced trainers we can co-design a bespoke programme as part of team away-days or for staff and team development. To inspire you, see some popular areas of focus we have used for clients training in the past below.


We would recommend using Leap’s Core Conflict training as a springboard for future training workshops. This training offers participants the opportunity to explore and unpick fears around communicating conflict, difference and disagreement, and to identify the healthy benefits of having and expressing conflict within a team.


In times of profound stress and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to protect our mental wellbeing. Explore how stress can be experienced in vicious cycles and how these can be broken, developing resilience and strategies for participants.