With Youth Practitioners

At Leap, we believe that building the capabilities of youth professionals is essential to providing better support for young people

For almost 40 years we have provided innovative training to professionals across a wide range of sectors including education, criminal justice, the voluntary sector, and local councils.

Below, you can explore a selection of Leap’s specialist areas of training. We offer introductory workshops as well as bespoke, more intensive training designed to meet your individual needs and budget.

A one-off session with Leap is just the beginning. For long-lasting change, we can provide ongoing support to fully embed and reinforce what has been learned in the room. Sessions can be delivered face-to-face and can also be supplemented with more flexible, digital sessions. We offer group training, 1:1 support, and we are experienced in training others to deliver our workshops themselves through a ‘train the trainer’ model.

In all of Leap’s training, we take a restorative and reflective approach, doing ‘with’ and not ‘to’. We do not present participants with the answers, but rather provide a safe facilitated space for you and your team to ask yourselves the right questions.

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Funded by the London Violent Reduction Unit, Rise Up is an innovative leadership programme for adult youth practitioners who work directly with London based young people affected by violence.

Over the last three years, Rise Up has demonstrably succeeded in deepening youth practitioners’ skills, networks and practice. Hundreds of alumni continue to use their strengthened knowledge to support young people more effectively.

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Funded by the Youth Endowment Fund, Fostering Connections offers training and support to help social work teams, working with young people in foster care, and their foster carers understand and use trauma-informed practices.

Supervising social workers (who assist foster carers) and social workers (who work directly with young people in foster care) receive joint training for five months. They also have ongoing access to a peer support network.

The training aims to enhance their knowledge and understanding of trauma and its impacts while also promoting consistent use of trauma-informed approaches and collaboration between these two roles.



Leap supports youth practitioners to understand the principles and skills to manage personal and interpersonal conflict and verbally de-escalate conflict situations. The core of this training focuses on increasing individual self-awareness, understanding habitual styles of behaviour, setting boundaries, and applying this to your work as youth practitioner.


Co-production is extremely powerful for meaningful change in how organisations engage and work with young people. The skills learnt in this training will support you to value and champion direct lived experience and youth voice when planning, designing and delivering your services.


Practitioners working in the youth and youth justice sectors will be working with the effects of trauma on a daily basis. Over three sessions this training will cover what trauma is, its impact and how it might show up in the behaviour of the young people that you support. We touch on what this means for organisations and their practice, however the work is intended as a way of identifying trauma responses in yourself and when working with young people.


In the high-stress environment of prisons, managing conflict is a core skill. Leap trains prison staff and prisoners to increase their ability to manage, de-escalate and communicate in conflict. Through group and individual training, we build empathy, self-awareness and improve relationships. We specialise in bringing prisoners and prison officers to explore conflict together.


During Summer 2020, Leap developed and rolled out a new programme with youth practitioners across London, using self-reflection and scenario-based discussion to identify how they approach the subject of race and racism with young people. Courageous Conversations: Exploring Race and Racism training explores the role of youth practitioners and the purpose and impact of these conversations on young people, practitioners and society.