For Young People

Our programmes support young people to manage conflict in their lives and to achieve their goals. This includes powerful and self-reflective group work, one-to-one support outside the training room and peer-facilitation, delivered by our experienced team of trainers.


Take the Leap is one of our core programmes supporting young people to transition from primary to secondary school smoothly. Young people may be vulnerable to a poor transition for a variety of reasons, such as their personal social or emotional needs. The objective of this programme is to equip those young people with skills and strategies to effectively manage peer and interpersonal conflict and navigate the changes that come with being in a new educational and social environment.


Improving Prospects (IP) programme is Leap’s flagship community-based programme, carefully designed to give young people an insight into the causes and consequences of conflict. Our project workers support young people to become more confident and capable in managing both personal and interpersonal conflict. A big part of how young people react to conflict is their understanding of it, which is why IP is carefully designed to provide young people with the knowledge they need to better understand why things happen and what the best way to react to them is.


Our Leadership and Enterprise (L&E) programme is designed to explore friendship groups, relationships, and networks. L&E creates safe spaces for young people to share their experiences, challenges, and perspectives with one another, as well as receive support with their decision-making and goal setting.